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GRINGO Sponsors The Participation of Mozambique in the World Fitness Championship.

Cazé , Castro Barreira José , will represent Mozambique in the World Fitness Championship in South Africa ( Arnold Classic Africa ), from the 27th to the 29th of May.

Cazé already won, Iron Man 2014, KZN Durban Open 2014, MO Olímpia África 2014– Bronze Medal and Boksburg Championship 2015, the last one that got him qualified to the World Championship.

This participation of Cazé in the Arnold Classic África 2016, has the Official Sponsorship of GRINGO - First Mozambican International Brand,

“We hope to win the test, and with Cazé we have that chance, he is a champion, and we want a new Lurdes Mutola, be it in Fitness. Also, we have got muscle and that's what Cazé's going there to show" – Abdul Karim

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